Koya Rift

– by Yudhanjaya “ALCH3MIST” Wijeratne

Normally, I wouldn’t write about an indie game this big, but this one’s worth it. Koya Rift, by Zach Kehs aka SunnyKat [a moderator over at the yoyogames community] – is an interesting shooter about mercenaries who stumble upon a planet they call “Koya”. Koya is soon found to be populated by the Phatoms, incredibly adaptive creatures who quickly reverse-engineer human tech and fight back.

What’s truly special about this game is that procedural generation is all over the place.

A game of Koya Rift is pretty straightforward – you find yourself aboveground standing in front of one of the delivery pods from the mercenary mothership. Your minimap hides the area below ground – and you have no idea what awaits you.

The terrain of each level is generated anew each time; for those who aren’t familiar with this, it means every time you play you’ll find new ground, new terrain – think Minecraft. But Koya Rift doesn’t stop there; it applies this to enemies as well. Enemy stats change, and so on. I’ll say this in as few words as I can: the graphics are breathtaking, the gameplay is a nonstop action fest that changes each time you play – no more boredom, folks – and everything is running as tight and seamless as an indie game could be.

I won’t harp on about it, because what I have to go on is a rather interesting demo and a trailer – I didn’t buy the game – but  have a look at the trailer above and head over to http://sunnykatt.com/koya-rift/ ASAP. Koa Rift is worth it. And yes, as guess, it IS made with Game Maker. In fact, it falls directly into the line of GM unforgettables – may this long remain on our hard drives. Amen.