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While wandering through the iOS Appstore (looking for another game to steal away all my free time like Angry Birds did) I ran into a neat little game called Paper Bees. I decided to give it a try and tell you guys about it. Well, this is my review on Paper Bees.

Paper Bees is an arcade defence game and was created by Wiggles 3D (a company who started making board games and this is their first app). The game is also coming to Android devices soon. The objective: get a high-score and get medals as you try to protect your hives and flowers from other invading bugs. You must survive until nightfall to win. The game has Game Center support. There is 30 levels right now which go by quickly but there is a good amount of replay value (to get the best medal possible on every level). Wiggles 3D said that more levels would be coming soon in the form of updates.

You attack by flinging bees across the screen from their flower home base (when a flower is destroyed, that bee dies) and once they hit their target (or miss it) they return back to their flower to go charging again. You sometimes get allies on your team (other types of bugs) and you also receive powerups from friendly insects.

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The game has a pretty good overall presentation. The loading times can be quite long at times and some of the in-game text such as “Loading…” may be hard to read for some people because it is so small (at times). The art style is simply gorgeous – cute, colourful and attractive paper cut-outs. The game has some cute tunes playing and they are all quite memorable, as they should be. During levels, atmospheric sounds really suck you in and are quite beautiful to the ear. The cartoony sound effects are good and fitting for the most part except for the sound the bees make which is really odd and it gets irritating!

The controls can be a bit finicky at times. Most of the time they work but sometimes they are either slow to respond or don’t respond at all (leading to a few game-overs that could have been averted). The game has a good difficulty curve too – it starts out easy to ease you in and then gradually ramps up the difficulty. The game is quite simple but it does a pretty good job of teaching you what to do for the first few levels by means of helpful little post-it notes that fit in well with the school diorama setting.

There is a good dosage of variety to the game as well which I believe is crucial to game like this. There is three unique worlds (with 10 levels each) to break it up as well as the inclusion of lots of different enemy bugs with lots of different behaviors – some swoop around you, some simply move in like a tank in a straight line – and it helps give just the right dosage of strategy to the experience. It is simple yet fun, much like a lot of the other offerings on the Appstore.

The game is pretty stable. I’ve had one crash and I have had one bug where it seemed like two sentences of game tips were right on top of each other (they overlapped), making it hard to read. Nothing really serious.

When you get past the $1.99 price point (which isn’t unreasonable, really) which some may fight against because of $0.99 games like Angry Birds that have more content, you have a pretty decent game that I believe you should check out if you ever got addicted to any games like this – you may be addicted for a long time like me, so welcome to the club. I recommend you check out Paper Bees.

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