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While text-based games may never be seen again on shelves, that doesn’t mean that if you look through the deep recesses of the internet you won’t find any. Oh no, text-based games thrive away from the spotlight. Today I am focusing on a single group – Choice of Games.

They make/distribute multiple-choice (hypertext) games in a wide variety of topics, some with RPG elements like stats. Games of theirs like Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Zombies (my fav, I played it all last night and loved every minute) give players a story with multiple endings and at certain spots they can decide what to do, similar to those old game-books and “choose your own adventure” stories. This may sound simple but who really cares? Fans of Bioware’s games would probably love all the choices (and the focus on story) here as you can almost imagine that these games are like low-budget Mass Effects. Their games are available on a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS, browsers and Amazon Kindle.

For devs, there is an opportunity here too. They developed a simple, easy to learn programming language called ChoiceScript used to write their games, and if you make a game using their engine, they will likely (not guaranteed) post it on their website. Developers split revenue with the group from whatever method of monetization you use: selling the game, site advertising, etc. Just remember that the language isn’t designed for FPS’s.

As you can see, this is a great group and I hope you find their games as fascinating as I do. Speaking of which, they recently released an internally developed game called Heroes Rise, a game about superheroes. Check it out as well!

P.S. There is a chance (I am not promising a thing!) that I may get an interview with Choice of Games in the future.

More on ChoiceScript and publishing your game:

Official site with game info and more:



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