Monkey Vs. Robots Review

With mobile games taking off, everybody wants to make one. Well, I came across a charming little game that was said to be a mix of Arkanoid and Puzzle-Bubble with a dash of Angry Birds. Monkey vs. Robots is a casual puzzle iOS game made by Pixelatom that now has a Windows version and soon, an Android version, in which you use angles to throw coconuts to hit robot thingies. You see, it is a normal day in the jungle when suddenly all your friends are attacked by robot-like devices. Now, you, the monkey, must defend your friends from this evil. The story is really just context.

The art style is a charming retro pixel art thing and the animations look great. The sound is pretty standard – what you would expect. Nothing special but nothing wrong with it. The music is easy on the ears though. The presentation is pretty good. The HUD is simple. The touch-screen controls are simple, solid, and easy to pick up.

Alright, the gameplay. Your objective, as I said, is to smash the robots with as little coconuts used as possible. If you run out, you fail. You get a rating from 1 to 3 bananas to grade your performance. Your performance is pretty much based on how many coconuts it took to get the job done. To use the least amount of coconuts, you need to use angles and trajectory. A dotted line tells you where the coconut will go, and it will also tell you the angle it would bounce to so you can line up your shot. It is simple, yet addicting, it works and it is good fun.

There is lots of replay value here. If you try and get 3 out of 3 bananas for all of the levels, that could take a while. And the short and snappy levels work well for when you are on the go. With all those levels, thankfully there are often new enemies, coconuts and other elements changed up to prevent it from becoming boring. As you progress, you also have less and less coconuts to use, giving a slight challenge, but nothing impossible.

I reviewed the iOS version and didn’t try the PC version so I don’t know how it works. All I know is that all versions of the game are all lite, or free. So, in other words, the creators are waiting for feedback before making the full version. You have no excuse to not try it then since it is free. Give it a go, you monkeys!

Rating: 9/10

BOTTOM LINE: I had trouble coming up with flaws in this delightful little puzzle game. Oh, and monkeys give this game bonus points!

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