December 1st Weekly Update

Here’s a short round-up of news this week.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving or great weekend if you’re not from the U.S!

Dec 27th


A Canadian studio, Breakfall, has put their game on Kickstarter called Starwhal: Just the Tip. The game is a 2D multiplayer battle game that consists of space and narwhal’s.  The goal is to stab the opposing player with your horn while avoiding getting stabbed yourself.  Based off the gameplay trailers, the battles look intense and easy enough for anyone to pick up and play, similar to Bomberman and Towerfall.  The easy to learn difficult to master aspect should bring a pretty wide audience.

For more information as well as a playable demo, check out the link below:

Nov 28th


Indie developers from Sweden bring their block puzzle touchscreen game to Indiegogo today.  You play as Pollo, a mother chicken cube that is searching for her children.  The gameplay video on their site show you creating and breaking blocks as well as blocking lasers and collecting keys.  The game appears to be taking block puzzles to the next level and looks like they will give your mind a workout.

Check out more on the Indiegogo site here:

Steam Update!

Steam has their Thanksgiving sale this weekend and released a couple indie games as well as discounted some great ones.

  • Talisman: Digital Edition
  • Gravity Badgers
  • Elder Signs: Omen
  • Songs2See

Check out more below:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Drankiewicz is a indie video game designer, writer (both games, blogs and a book) and student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he isn’t busy designing games he is either playing games on whatever system you can think of or browsing the internet in search of a game to play. Paul likes to see where the video game industry is headed and loves to throw his money away at games on Kickstarter. Paul will always give a fair analysis on a game and if you don’t agree with it well, that’s like, your opinion.

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